Experiences at Disney with a Special Diet: Melissa’s Story

Today’s blog post features reader Melissa. She shares her personal experiences at Disney World with Celiac Disease. You’ll be blown away by her magical experiences at Disney. Take it away, Melissa!

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Where do I start? In November of 2007 we took our girls for a quick trip to Disney World to celebrate a birthday, how magical this was! We decided that we loved this place, a place where every day is full of smiles, good times and making memories of a lifetime. There are two different types of Disney World goers, the type that go once in a lifetime and the type that go on a regular basis. Those that go regularly might live in the area and go several times a day, or they might live across the country and go every year, two years, five years, but they know they will go regularly for the rest of their lives. We fall in the latter category, we fell in love with everything about Disney, too many things to mention here. Every year we fall more in love and find more amazing things that Disney provides. In 2010 one of those amazing things was still being able to go to Disney World annually with food intolerances.

Our first year with special dietary needs was 2010, in which I, myself was dairy free and sulfite free. I did not think most people had a clue what foods contained sulfites, but each and every chef at Disney World knew exactly what I was talking about. By far, my favorite meal was at The Wave, located in Disney’s Contemporary Resort. The Chef came out to our table (as they do at every restaurant) and asked about my food intolerances. He whipped me up a bowl of pasta with the best chicken and steamed broccoli I had tasted in a long time! Another wonderful experience was at Disney’s Animal Kingdom’s Flame Tree BBQ, where this Chef made me the most moist chicken breast I’ve had to date, mmm!

Goofy & child at DisneyIn 2012 one of our daughters was diagnosed with Celiac disease, and due to my experience with Disney Dining I knew she’d be safe during our September visit. I almost felt more relaxed than when I fixed her meals at home. Again, at each table service restaurant, the Chef would come out to speak with us, and make us something delicious! This trip, our favorite meal was at EPCOT’s Chefs de France! Then, in 2013 we had another daughter diagnosed with Celiac disease. Again, we knew during our June 2013 trip we’d be safe!

I can’t rave enough about how wonderful the dining experiences are throughout all of Disney. We feel safe and this is due to the knowledge of the Disney Chefs and how they seem to make you feel like you are their only guest. Disney is our ‘safe’ vacation spot, the place where we know we can eat out. Any other vacation we take means making our own meals at a kitchen within our condo rental. Disney Dining is simply the best and if you have special dietary needs, whether they are allergies, intolerances, or an autoimmune disease like Celiac Disease, you MUST experience this for yourself. I believe, your first visit, won’t be your last and you will truly be amazed at how relaxed you will feel with the care the Chefs take putting extra time into your meals!

Child with Babycakes

Melissa is a mother of 3 girls, two of which have Celiac Disease. She has done much of her own research to help keep her daughters gluten-free and feeling healthy! She also loves to share the information she’s found, good tips for eating gluten free and gluten free recipes via her Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/BeingCeliac.

Melissa enjoys spending time with her family and has a love for travel. Planning trips has become a hobby. Melissa and her family frequent Disney World regularly and love the experiences and memories that Disney brings to their lives. Disney has so much to offer, most importantly, one of the best special dietary needs dining experiences you can find!