Planning a Disney Trip with a Special Diet: FAQ [part I]

Over here at the Food Allergy and Celiac Convention planning headquarters, we’re hit with some Frequently Asked Questions on some trip planning details for folks heading down to the event.

disney entry way


For this Friday’s post in our Trip Planning Series, we thought we’d cover a handful of them to get you started on planning your own trip when you come down for the fun!

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Planning a Disney Trip with a Special Diet: Remember the Details

Over the past few weeks, we’ve been posting a weekly Friday Trip Planning post to give you all of the ins and outs with planning a Disney Trip with a Special Diet in tow.

Pixie Dust

Whether you have a food allergy (or multiple!), celiac disease, or other needs, we’re dishing the details to help you have a magical time while you’re at Walt Disney World.

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Planning a Disney Trip with a Special Diet: Snacks (Part I)

elf_logo_registeredSnacking at Disney with a Special Diet is, if you can believe it, easy. So easy, in fact, that you don’t even have to pack along all of your own foods.

But it gets even better…Have you heard the news? We are so excited to have Enjoy Life Foods as our Magic Plus Platinum Sponsor for the Food Allergy and Celiac Convention! Just like us, their whole business is devoted to making folks with food allergies and celiac disease happy with good-for-you treats that taste incredible. All of their items are free of the eight most common allergens, gluten-free, and sesame and sulphite-free, too. What’s more, everything is made in a dedicated plant and are certified gluten-free by the Gluten-Free Certification Organization set in place by The Gluten Intolerance Group.

But we don’t just love having Enjoy Life on board because of their awesome goodies (though it surely is one of the reasons!). We love that their products are pretty much safe for everyone, and they’re readily available at Disney World, too!

We’d venture to guess that every Quick Service location houses Enjoy Life’s Crunchy Chocolate Chip Cookies in a two pack for an allergy-safe dessert option. Some have the Ricemilk Crunch bars, as well.


In addition, most Table Service have the cookies as a back-up when there aren’t other dessert options available. At the Table Service restaurants, the chefs generally stock a whole box in the back, meaning that the cookies often become an addition to nondairy ice cream, sorbet, and fruit to creating a full dessert option that is allergy-friendly. They often have ELF Sugar Crisp and Vanilla Honey Graham Crunchy Cookies on tap, too.


Throughout the parks, in addition to Quick Service, you can also find whole boxes available for sale at a variety of places. The Garden Kiosk in Animal Kingdom carries most of the ELF soft baked cookies, including the Double Chocolate Brownie and Snickerdoodle.

Garden Kiosk

Sunshine Seasons in Epcot carries the whole boxes of the soft baked cookies and individual packages of the Crunchy Chocolate Chip Cookies. Looking for a candy bar? Boom Choco Boom Bars are always available too! They are the perfect grab and go items for a sweet treat while touring the parks.


And when you didn’t think your allergy-friendly pancakes could get better? Think again: those ELF chocolate chips (yep, completely dairy- and soy-free!) are often in the back, allowing for mini dots of melty goodness in each breakfast bite. Really… what could be better?

Stay tuned for upcoming posts and contests featuring our title sponsor. We’re so glad that Enjoy Life Foods will be a part of our event!

Tell us: what is YOUR favourite Enjoy Life Foods product? Check them all out here.

Planning a Disney Trip with a Special Diet: Moderate Resorts

A couple of weeks ago, we gave you the details on planning your Disney trip and choosing from the value resorts. Moderate resorts are the next step up, and for most people, this is their stay of choice when Deluxe are out of reach and they want a few more perks than Value have to offer. walt-disney-world-trip-planning

Like Value Resorts, there are five Moderate Resorts to choose from at Walt Disney World Resort: Port Orleans Riverside, Port Orleans French Quarter, Coronado Springs, Caribbean Beach, and Fort Wilderness Resort and Campground. Each of these have distinct themes, range in sizes, and have their own pros and cons. All offer complimentary wi-fi Internet and have mini-fridges (minus the campground). As we mentioned in our last resort post, fact sheets and details are available straight from the Walt Disney World planning site, but we want to offer our input, too—especially because some of our favourites are among these! Here’s the low down on what to know—especially when you have a Special Diet in tow! Continue reading