Planning a Disney Trip with a Special Diet: Five Top Secret Disney Special Diet Secrets

That’s right. Secrets!

Disney is a mecca for making things just a little more fun—after all, if you’ve never hunted down those hidden Mickeys then you’re surely missing out.


But there are a few Special Diet-related secrets hidden around the parks, too. We’re not talking the allergy-friendly options that we already know and love. Instead, there are some popular companies and Disney-branded items that are safe for us, too.

And because we love Disney oh-so-much, we want to share the wealth with how to snag them when you’re visiting Walt Disney World*.

So for all your Friday Trip Planning needs… here’s what to make sure you nosh on while you’re enjoying your weekend at WDW:

Le Fou’s Brew

Are you a fan of Beauty and the Beast? (The answer: of course!) Well, you’ll have to head over to Gaston’s Tavern and cool down with an ice cold Le Fou’s Brew. Made with frozen apple juice concentrate, toasted marshmallow syrup, and a passion fruit mango foam.

Caramel Corn

Finding dairy-free caramel corn in Disney Parks can be difficult. The ones that are available everywhere contain butter. But if you head to Hollywood Studios, you can score a souvenier container loaded with the dairy-free stuff! Kiosks are located all throughout the park.

Candied Almonds and Pecans

Though these treats aren’t for the nut allergic, they are safe from gluten, dairy, egg, and soy. Stock up on sugar and cinnamon coated almonds or pecans, warm from the mixer, for a snack option that you’ll want to get again and again.

Mickey Waffles

If you’re a newcomer to Disney, you might not be aware that Mickey Waffles are within your allergy-free reach. The parks use Namaste and Bob’s Red Mill mixes, along with egg-replacer, applesauce, and rice milk or water for a safe—and memorable—breakfast treat!

Candy. And lots of it.

Much of the Disney candy has a “may contain” warning that’ll make us shy away. Other times it is available in bulk only, making cross contamination inevitable. But for those that need a sugar fix (and, come on, who doesn’t), there are a few allergy-friendly items scattered amongst the treat stands. Various flavors and varieties of popsicles, wrapped packaged candy (Laffy Taffy!), and other items are available throughout the parks and Downtown Disney.

Tell us – what are your greatest allergy-friendly finds at Walt Disney World?


*At the time of publication, all of these products are gluten-free, and free of most allergens. Please be sure to double check ingredient binders before enjoying.



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