Planning a Disney Trip with a Special Diet: FastPass+ 101

In today’s Friday Trip Planning post, we’re dishing the details about the new FastPass+.Disney Fast Pass+

If you’re a seasoned Disney World vacationer, you might already be familiar with the older FastPass. But if you’re new or haven’t visited in the last year, there are things that you must know if you’re heading to the parks!

When you come down for the Food Allergy and Celiac Convention weekend, if you’re making time to visit any of the theme parks, we venture you might want to be moving pretty quickly if you’re balancing a shorter vacation with all of fun Extra Magic we’re offering at Coronado Springs.

Enter FastPass+, a new version of the old FastPass, which now allows for advance planning and spending less time worrying about Seeing Absolutely Everything.

First, unlike most things at Disney, this perk isn’t extra; FastPass+ is included in your park ticket costs, regardless of what type of ticket you purchase.

Disney Fast Pass+Learning how it works takes just a bit of know-how, and you can even do more planning before you hit the parks. In fact, the reservations can be made way in advance…60 days! This is a great alternative to running to the attractions once you set foot in the park. If you aren’t staying at a Disney Resort hotel, however, your in-advance time frame is reduced to 30 days.

The reservations can be made through Disney’s My Disney Experience website or their mobile app. Both are also a handy tool for linking all of your reservations, including your Advance Dining Reservations and your resort stay. You can also add times and changes while in the park — each one is set up with FastPass+ kiosks, though they’re only open at certain times and lines can be long.

Once you have your FastPass+ reservations, you receive a window of time (like the old FastPass) that you can come back to the ride and enter the FastPass+ queue with shorter (or no) line ups.Disney Fast Pass+

Long story short, you get on the ride or see the attraction more quickly that you would have.

Vacationers can reserve a total of  three FastPass+ experiences per theme park, so if you’re hopping that day, you’re restricted to FastPass+ reservations at that park. However, once you use them up, go ahead and add more, though the odds are, by that time, they might have been issued for the day.

FastPass+ options aren’t available for all rides, but some don’t need them. Popular ones, though, are given the FastPass+ go ahead. This list of Disney’s current FastPass+ options gives you an idea of what you’ll be seeing.

What will you secure with your FastPass+?


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