Planning a Disney Trip with a Special Diet: Destinations in Florida

It comes by fast, but we’re already at another Friday and busily planning our event. Are you keeping up with all of the latest news? You can follow our blog here, join us on Facebook, and check us out on Twitter.

But, back to important Trip Planning information. It is Friday, after all!Destinations in Florida logo

This week, we’re bringing in the biggest trip planner of all, Siera Duiser. As a part of the team at Destinations in Florida, they’re working hard to help you book your vacation, aid in allergy-related requests, and getting you a great deal in a special block of rooms set out for the event.

Destinations in Florida is a Florida-based company specializing in planning vacations to Florida (including Disney), and have extensive experience working with private events and food allergies.

We thought you might have some questions (and you’re welcome to email us with more!) so here’s a few of the most frequently asked ones to get you started. Continue reading