Friday Trip Planning: Traveling with Food Allergies (and a Contest!)

mickey-mouseWhether you’re planning a day trip, weekend getaway, for a fortnight away, traveling with food allergies or celiac disease can result in a lot of preparation… something we’re familiar with down at the Food Allergy and Celiac Convention headquarters!

Our Friday Trip Planning Series is dedicated to providing you with the details of making your Disney trip more magical, with a few tips and tricks for planning any trip, in general.

But between now and our November event, we’re pretty sure you’ll have a few more fun trips on the agenda, especially now that school’s out and summer vacationing is on the rise.

And so, we’ve compiled some tricks and tips we’ve picked up along the way – and be sure to add your own in the comments!

Be prepared since you’ll never know what might arise. Store some extra snacks in the car, your backpack or carry-on, and within reach—you’ll never know when you might be without a safe option.

Make everything accessible to make it easy on yourself. Medications and other essentials should be on you—not in packed and checked luggage or not simple to snag, like in the trunk on a long car ride.

When in doubt… go without. If you’re not sure on reading a label, dining at a restaurant, or eating any prepared food, don’t take a guess. Move on to something that has a safer guarantee, or use your pre-packed options.

Do some research before you head out. Calling restaurants and drilling for details can be take some extra time, and writing down local grocery options requires some work, but it will save time while you’re at your destination.

Set yourself first and remember you’re not putting anyone out by asking questions. If a restaurant, hotel owner, airline, or other people or businesses you query about your health and safety deliver a rude reply, then move on—you’ll always be able to find at least one option you feel confident with.

Now, speaking of traveling with food allergies… Our Magic Plus Platinum Sponsor, Enjoy Life Foods, has an awesome opportunity for food allergic kids between the ages of 9 and 13. They’re hosting a contest where the winner will receive a FREE WEEK at Camp Blue Spruce, a sleepover camp especially for children with food allergies.

To win, potential campers need to submit a video singing an original campfire song about why he or she wants to head to Camp Blue Spruce – how fun! Check it out here.

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