Celebrate our nations’ holidays with a Disney’ed dose of pixie dust!


First, we were thinking of a Nemo-sized deal… but when we asked? He “just kept swimming…

Then, we were brainstorming asking Belle… but she was gone to “…return a book [she] borrowed.”

We moved on to Aladdin and Jasmine… but they were busy “…soaring, tumbling, freewheeling.”

We thought Scar might be in… (we knew he’d tell you to “be prepared for sensational news.” But, um, well, you know what happened.


Really, we knew there was just one man to help us make this happen. Only one man could truly “go the distance”.


From July 1st (Canada Day) to July 4th (Independence Day), we’re sprinkling some extra pixie dust for the upcoming event.

For Potential Vendors and Sponsors:

Contact us via email, our contact form, or Twitter for up to 50% off of vendor rates, sponsor rates, and custom packages.

For Attendees:

Spread the magic by telling your favourite organizations and companies about the event… and receive a free event ticket for the first signed-on referral, plus 5 event day raffle tickets for each signed-on referral thereafter.

For Everyone and Anyone:

Enter our giveaway for your chance to win two event tickets plus a gift pack full of fun!

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7 thoughts on “Celebrate our nations’ holidays with a Disney’ed dose of pixie dust!

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