Disney Do’s for those who love to relax

Blogger Street Team member Samantha Riley shares with us her thoughts on visiting Disney World and her Disney Do’s while taking it easy around the parks. Her blog Simply Samantha is what she calls her “little space on the internet I can call home”, and shares recipes, reviews, and more. For all food references, please double check ingredient lists, allergy binders, and speak to the Chefs to ensure they are safe for your dietary needs.

For Valentine’s Day this year. My husband surprised me with purchasing us Disney Passholder Tickets for the both of us for the year. My family has owned passes for years–basically since we’ve lived in Florida (which is has now been 10 years). However, due to money things and life changes, I couldn’t pay for my own ticket for the past 2 years. So, I missed out on going on the Disney trips with my family.

But life is now back to normal, and my husband and I can now enjoy going to Disney on our own or with the family.

Now that I am older, I tend to enjoy Disney just a tad differently than I used to as a child. I like just walking around, drinking a cool iced coffee or frozen lemonade with my husband. The hubster and I (mostly me) even enjoy the nice slow rides like “Under the Sea: Journey of the Little Mermaid” and “The Seas with Nemo and Friends“, because we can just sit back and relax. And most times when we go as a family, my mom and I like to sit and people watch while my dad, sister, and husband run off to ride rides.

Below are some Disney Do’s for those that want to just sit back, relax and enjoy the Disney atmosphere with your significant other or family member.

Magic Kingdom

Magic Kingdom is probably one of my favorite places to ride the “slow rides”. My inner little princess loves the new The Little Mermaid ride, called Under the Sea: Journey of the Little Mermaid, and walking through New Fantasyland. I think a lot of the slower rides get kind of overlooked because many people just want to ride the popular rides and skip the “little kiddy” ones.

Not me. I adore the slow rides. Such as The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh, Peter Pan’s Flight (though I will NOT wait 45 minuets for the ride… why is the line always so long??), Tomorrowland Transit Authority PeopleMover, and, as I mentioned, a few times, Under the Sea: Journey of the Little Mermaid. One of my favorite memories was riding Under the Sea on Valentine’s day this year for the first time with my husband. It made me feel like a little girl again.

Then there is the food. Also in Fantasyland, over by Mad Tea Party, is the Cheshire Cafe. They have the most amazing Frozen Raspberry Lemonade that I love during the summer months.

Oh, and can I talk about the Tangled themed square that is now in Fantasyland? Rapunzel is my favorite princess (I have others but she is the top) so I adore walking through the square and noticing all the little details.

Quick Question blog friends: Have any of my gluten free friends eaten at the Be our Guest restaurant during lunch or even dinner? I have heard they have great gluten free options. I haven’t been there yet but I want to go as soon as I can. Let me know in the comments if you have gone and what to eat! :)

Animal Kingdom

Is it me or does Animal Kingdom always seem like the busier of the parks? Maybe ’cause it’s not open as long some days or it is the Saturday “go to” park. Who knows? It just always seems busy so I actually haven’t spent too much time there. But I do have two small “go to’s” for you guys for when I do visit the park.

The new Garden Kiosk is amazing. I have only been by it once because I believe we have only been to Animal Kingdom once since getting our passes this year. But it’s a great place to go if you are hungry, have food allergies (it is dedicated to it!) and need a snack or need a good recommendation for lunch/dinner.

There is also another kiosk over in front of Kali River Rapids that serves an amazing Iced Green Tea (a personal favorite of my mother’s). It’s a great refreshing pick-me-up during a hot day at Animal Kingdom.

By the way, fun fact about myself:  I was in Disney World travel shows as a kid. You know those videos of people riding the rides as someone explains what it is about? I was in those. It was fun besides having to ride a ride over and over and over again. One of those rides was the DINOSAUR ride at Animal Kingdom. I never want to ride that ride ever again. Riding it at 12am, 8 times in a row, while you’re hungry and tired is not fun.


I have a couple “go to’s” for Epcot. So, here we go….

Take some time and just walk around the Living Seas. Maybe it’s just because I am an animal lover at heart or the fact when I was 10 years old, I wanted to be a marine biologist (which was weird ’cause I stunk at math and science), I find the whole place fascinating. It’s a great place to spend some time just walking around. I wouldn’t say you can relax in there with all the kids running around shouting “DAUPHINS and FISHIES” but it’s definitely a good place to walk around and take in the sights.

Do NOT miss going into Innoventions East/West. There is always something fun and exciting in there to do.

Now, this next thing is a “grown-up” thing to do. For $20 you can get two small glasses of different wine in France, Italy, and Germany. It is the best/cheapest way to somewhat “Drink around the world”. Just stop by any of those countries and find their wine departments; that’s usually were you can go pay to start the three-country wine tasting. I really like this because I can share the wine with my husband so we both can have a nice drink and a nice walk around the world.

By the way… Am I the only person who thinks they should change that weird ride in Norway to a Frozen-themed boat ride????

Hollywood Studios

Hollywood Studios:
I love this park but sometimes I feel like there is so little to do and the stuff you want to do/ride always has long waits.

Before I met my husband and went to Disney as my single self, My mom and I were (and still are) Disney coffee buddies. We would walk back to the little coffee shop, called The Writers Stop, that is tucked away behind the Sci-Fi Dine In. We’d sit there and people watch from the tables by the window or we would sit by the books and read the Disney Cookbooks that we would never buy, while my father and sister went and rode rides. To this day this is still one of my favorite places to relax at.

One of my favorite places to eat at Hollywood Studios is the ABC Commissary. Last time I ate there the manager was so nice and came out and talked to me about my allergy and did an AMAZING job with my chicken sandwich. Nothing make’s a gluten free person’s day than when you don’t feel like you’re a problem when ordering food at a restaurant.

Oh, and ALWAYS “Do” the Star Wars ride, Star Tours.

Star Wars ride you must.

If you happen to be in the Orlando area on November the 22nd, and you’re coming to the Food Allergy and Celiac Convention, I would love to meet you guys! Maybe we could also swing by The Writers Stop and talk over a nice cup of ice coffee.

4 thoughts on “Disney Do’s for those who love to relax

  1. This was really helpful as this will be my first trip to WDW (Going for FACCWDW). I’m so excited. I’m also sharing with my 23-year-old who thought he might be too old for Disney . . . the Star Wars write-up will convince him he’s not. :)

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