Planning a Disney Trip with a Special Diet: Celiac, food allergies, and more!

This Friday we have a guest poster, Kaila, from a blogger who has recently visited Disney World and dished us her experience. Her blog is filled with recipes, reviews, and everything in between… all of which are celiac-friendly, egg-free, milk-free, and other allergies. Read on for more! 

Some envision Disney World as the perfect vacation for young children, but with two college age kids, it’s still a hot spot for our aging family. The parks, the characters, and the magic seem to keep up with us as we age. This year at Chef Mickey’s, Donald took my mom’s phone (that we set up for him) and took a selfie with her. It’s her first and only selfie, but we were smiling all night long!

All Decked Out for the World Cup (June 2014)

One of the many reasons we keep returning to Disney World is because they are amazing at accommodating my celiac disease and food allergies. My food allergies range from the Big 8 (milk and egg) to less heard of allergens (rosemary and cinnamon).  Yet, the Disney chefs are equipped to deal with each one.

While Disney chefs are well trained in food allergies and look up every ingredient, uncommon allergens can be tricky to accommodate. For example, my rosemary allergy means that I can’t eat Enjoy Life’s cookies and my tapioca allergy means that I can’t eat any of the GF rolls or Mickey waffles.  However, chefs always check every ingredient and find a way to make something tasty that I can eat.

My quick service meal at the Backlot Express is the perfect example. When the manager arrived, I was pretty convinced that I wanted a burger without a bun. However, the manager noted that I could eat the Southwest Salad. While it typically comes with chicken, he prefers it with a burger on top. It turned out to be a delicious, off the menu combination!


Backlot Express Quick Service (June 2014)

Every time I enter the parks, there are a bunch of signs that Disney is a safe place for me to eat. When we go to restaurants with a dedicated fryer, the chef or manager looks up all the food items that went into the fryer to see if I was allergic to any of them.  When we eat at quick service locations, my meal is always overseen and appears on a different color tray. When I go to any dining establishment, the chefs never dismiss me, answer all my questions, and are very specific about prepping procedures.

Despite being able to eat almost anywhere (after talking to a chef/manager), I still have my favorite spots. One is the Allergy Friendly Stand in the Animal Kingdom where they have a wide array of snacks, and Babycakes NYC doughnuts (my favorite!).

And, my new favorite quick service stop is Be Our Guest in the Magic Kingdom, where I can order the quinoa salad without any substitutions! If you check out this unique dining experience, be sure to arrive early. We head over by 10:30, which makes for a very early lunch.

Lastly, one of my favorite dining experiences occurred during our stay at the Polynesian hotel. After talking to the chef, he realized that I was limited in both breakfast and dessert options. I caught him completely off guard when he realized that I couldn’t eat the allergy-friendly waffles.

Nonetheless, he crafted up a delicious meal. Then, the next morning, I received a message on my room’s answering machine that the chef had gone to the Grand Floridian to pick up a dessert just for me!

It turns out that whether your dining with food allergies or celiac disease, there is still an extra pinch of pixie dust waiting around the corner. For our family, sometimes the meals are the most magical part of all!

Wishing y’all a magical week!



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4 thoughts on “Planning a Disney Trip with a Special Diet: Celiac, food allergies, and more!

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  2. If you ever have a chance to take a Disney cruise, I couldn’t recommend it more strongly. They always keep my son safe, make special food for him, make it such a special experience. We have seen the Mediterranean and the Carribean. They are amazing!!

    • Hi Kim! It’s Kaila (from GF Life 24/7), I actually just took my first Disney Cruise in August and had a blast. I wrote a post about it last Monday even! I actually write about Disney every Monday.

      What cruise did you go on? I was on the Fantasy, and loved Chef Giuseppe’s meals up in Palo! Plus, I had an awesome head waiter as well- Alberto.

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