Random Acts of Magic Mondays: Calling all Canadians!

Ready for this week’s Random Acts of Magic Mondays? How can you not be after all of the fun we’ve had so far!

Just a reminder, from 12am EST to 11:59 EST on Mondays, we are sprinkling some magical fun for 24 hours. From freebies to giveaways to discounts or all sizes (and something for everyone) you won’t want to miss it!

Stay tuned to our Monday blog posts, and our Facebook, and Twitter page to find out what we’ll be adding Magic to each week!

Are you a Canadian resident heading down for FACCWDW? Test your Disney-Canada knowledge for a free ticket!

Here’s how it works:

Canada plays a role of happiness here at FACCWDW headquarters. Not only are one of us Canadian (yeah!), but we also know that Epcot is home to a wonderfully stereotyped rendition of the (not as cold as you think) country. If you’re a Canadian heading into the event and haven’t got a ticket yet, this Random Acts of Magic Monday is for you! Better yet, an anonymous donor (also Canadian) is gifting you these tickets, folks!

Here’s how to enter: simply email us the answer to the following:

What menu item on Epcot Canada’s table service restaurant originated in Quebec? How many times is it on the menu?

Be sure to answer both parts to the question to be eligible

Hurry! First five correct answers win!

Limit one ticket per family.

Looking for more Random Acts of Magic Monday fun? Stay tuned for next week’s promotion filled with even more pixie dust!

Don’t forget, this closes at 11:59EST tonight!

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