Winners from yesterday’s RAoM Monday!

Yesterday’s Random Act of Magic Monday offered a first chance sneak peek to select winners for the chance to purchase tickets for our Extra Magical meal offerings.

To enter this week’s Random Act of Magic Monday, entrants left a comment describing what they’d like to see on the menu, and we randomly chose five winners to receive free early access to the tickets and packages. Entrants also had the chance for a bonus entry by adding a second comment by answering what kind of bird Zazu from the Lion King is.

Answer: a red-billed hornbill. 

Five winners were chosen via Random.Org, and congratulations to the following commenters!


Sheryl says:

GF mac n cheese. My 5 year old daughter is the one with Celiac and this is her top pick at restaurants in the rare instances they offer it!

Christopher says:

The Celiac teen would love to see a theme park staple with a twist…gluten-free funnel cakes.

Heather says:

I would like to see an allergy free chocolate dessert.

Sara says:

Dairy-free (well, with a suitable non-dairy fake cheesy goodness) beef lasagna. Other kinds of lasagna are ok, too, in addition.

Susan says:

Soups and desserts. I think those are the things that are hardest to find when dining out.


Congrats, winners! We are working busily with our Disney Catered Events teams to finalize the menus. You will be the first to have chance to purchase tickets! Stay tuned to your inboxes and look for alerts by the end of next week!

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