Announcement: Recipe Contest with Sunbutter! Win big prizes!

Are you attending the Food Allergy & Celiac Convention and want to showcase your cooking and baking skills? We want your submissions!

In partnership with Sunbutter, our Gift Bag sponsor, we’re holding a recipe contest inspired by the Disney Parks! To win, get your spatula ready and your oven fired up… and make a recipe inspired by your favourite Disney Park!

Here are the details:

Step One: Check Out the Details

First head over to the Official Contest page on Sunbutter’s website, which will give you the details on what you need to submit and all of the rules.

Step Two: Get Creating!

Head into the kitchen and create a dish of any kind inspired by one of the four Disney Parks: Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, EPCOT, using Sunbutter as an ingredient.

Step Three: Take a Photo!

Make sure you grab a photograph after you make it! And be sure to hone in on those plating skills!

Step Four: Submit!

Send in the entry by visiting the Official Contest page on Sunbutter’s website once again to submit your entry.

Step Five: Cross Your Fingers!

A team of judges from FACCWDW headquarters and Sunbutter will determine the winning dishes.

Step Six: Be at the Event!

Four winners will be announced at the FACCWDW — so you have to be present to win! And don’t worry about carrying the huge basket home :) It’ll be taken care of!

Tips for Success

Judging is based on four areas:

  • Taste (25%): does it taste good? Have mass appeal? Would you want to make it over again? Can you taste Sunbutter or is it hidden?
  • Visual (25%): is it presented well? Does it appeal to you before eating it by looking at it? Smell?
  • Creativity (25%): is it your original idea? Is it unique? Does it use from scratch or pre-made ingredients? Is the connection to your Disney Park clear or a stretch?
  • Crowd Appeal (25%): is it kid and adult friendly? Would other people easily be able to make it or does it use special equipment? Are the ingredients easy to find? Is it geared toward those with multiple allergies

Submissions must include:

  • Title: be creative and clever!
  • A recipe and photo: make the ingredients shine!
  • An allergen listing: including the top 8 allergens and gluten
  • Your inspiration: what Disney Park is it inspired by, and why?
  • Credits: if you are adapting another recipe, please be sure to include where it’s from

Folks who register to enter will automatically receive a coupon download for a discount for Sunbutter, and must be present at the event to win!

Click here to enter.

Click here to read the official rules.

Good luck!

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