Random Acts of Magic Monday: Some extra sugar on that spoonful!

Ready for this week’s Random Acts of Magic Mondays? Last week was a fun contest with a ticket giveaway, with a bit of a bonus twist on Tuesday morning!

Just a reminder, from 12am EST to 11:59 EST on Mondays, we are sprinkling some magical fun for 24 hours. From freebies to giveaways to discounts or all sizes (and something for everyone) you won’t want to miss it!

Stay tuned to our Monday blog posts, and our Facebook, and Twitter page to find out what we’ll be adding Magic to each week!

Do you want to know all of the secrets behind recipe development, baking, and creating the most delicious desserts and treats? Oh, and get a discount, too?

Here’s how it works:

We’re sprinkling some extra pre-event magic on A Spoonful of Sugar, and extra event the weekend of the Food Allergy & Celiac Convention.

To fill you in, here’s the description:

Ready to bake your way to the jolliest of holidays? Join cookbook author Laurie Sadowski as she brings you through turning holiday baking blunders into pure bliss! From cakes to cookies to pastries to ice cream, you’ll enjoy an in-depth session on modifying and adapting recipes, developing new treats from scratch, and creating delightful treats sure to make your holiday very merry!  Submit your recipes beforehand for tips on modification.

All attendees receive one copy of their choice of a book in The Allergy-Free Cook series, and all books are being sold for the event at a discounted rate already!

To attend A Spoonful of Sugar and/or purchase other copies of the books and the series, we’re offering an extra magical discount on top of a discount! You’re already saving 20%, so we’re adding another 10% savings!

Use code sugarrush 

for an additional 10% of:

A Spoonful of Sugar Holiday Baking Session

Eventbrite - Food Allergy & Celiac Awareness Convention


The Allergy-Free Cook Bakes Bread

The Allergy-Free Cook Bakes Cakes and Cookies

The Allergy-Free Cook Makes Pies and Desserts

A three-pack of all three cookbooks!

Eventbrite - Food Allergy & Celiac Awareness Convention

Looking for more Random Acts of Magic Monday fun? Stay tuned for next week’s promotion filled with even more pixie dust!

Don’t forget, this closes at 11:59EST tonight!

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