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Meet Our Vendors! is an ongoing series where you’ll be able to get a sneak peek of who you’ll see in November! Feel free to leave comments and questions–for us and for the vendor–about products, practices, and anything else that’s on your mind.

If you’re looking for pure, all-natural treats, our Bibbidi-Bobbidi Bronze Sponsor, Base Culture, has you covered. Base Culture’s founder, Jordann Windschauer, was on the hunt for Paleo-friendly ways to indulge her sweet tooth, which grew into a passionate product line with quality ingredients to create sweet treats that everyone will enjoy.


We asked her a little more about what goes on behind the scenes, and here’s what she has to say!

1.  What’s the most memorable time you’ve experienced with a Base Culture fan? 

My most memorable moments with Base Culture are the ones where I learn how our products have helped someone with dietary issues. People with gluten allergies & intolerances, who are stuck eating flavorless gluten-free foods, have found that our products are so satisfying and delicious. Even though they can be considered snacks, the all-natural ingredients we use provide a lot of nutrition – especially for someone with diet limitations.

2.  If you could create a new product inspired by a Disney Park or attraction, what would it be?   

In honor of the spooky season, I’d have to create a haunted Chocolate Cherry cookie in honor of The Haunted Mansion. It would have lots of tart dark chocolate bits and some dried cherries for sweetness, with a coconut flour base.

3.  When it comes to visiting the parks, we know we could use help fueling up for the day. What Base Culture products would you recommend to keep us energized while we get our ride on?    

Our Energy Bites are perfect for a day at the park! They’re filled with flavorful nuts and dried fruit to give you the stamina you need for a long day of play.

4.  What is the biggest seller of all of your products?

Our best seller is definitely our Sandwich Bread. You don’t realize what a staple bread is to our diet until you can’t eat it anymore. Creating a delicious and nutritious bread that’s perfect for toast in the morning or a sandwich at lunch was very important.

5.  Give us a sneak peek… what’s brewing up behind the scenes for Base Culture? 

We’re working on so many new things right now! We’ve been focusing on dough lately – a great base product that people can finish and cook at home. So we’ve got a Sandwich Bread Dough and Dinner Roll Dough that we’re pretty excited about. We’re also working on a Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, which is pretty fabulous. Once they’re ready, we’ll make them available to our retail stores.





Visit Base Culture:

Twitter: @BaseCultureLLC
Instagram: @BaseCultureLLC

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