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Meet Our Vendors! is an ongoing series where you’ll be able to get a sneak peek of who you’ll see in November! Feel free to leave comments and questions–for us and for the vendor–about products, practices, and anything else that’s on your mind.

If you’re looking for high-quality mixes and spices made in a kosher facility and completely dedicated gluten and nut free environment, you don’t have to go much farther than visiting Bloomfield Farms! Driven by a family diagnosis resulting in living a gluten and egg-free life, founders Sue and Dan Sutherland have created a successful line of mixes (brownies, pizza, and more!) and spices.

We’re excited to have them at the FACCWDW, and here’s a little bit more of what goes on behind the scenes at Bloomfield Farms headquarters.

1. What’s the craziest/funniest/most memorable time you’ve experienced with a Bloomfield Farms fan?

We go to a lot of food allergy expos, and we usually give away samples to the hungry attendees. There was one gentleman who liked our cookies so much he kept swinging by our booth and grabbing another one. The funniest part was, he was acting all sneaky about it, trying to grab the goodies off the corner of the table when he thought no one was looking. We wanted to tell him to take as much as he wanted, but it was too funny watching his not-so-sneaky antics!

2. If you could create a Disney-inspired pizza using Bloomfield Farms pizza dough, what would it be?

Maybe something a bit exotic, like a Chinese-inspired schezuan chicken pizza for Mulan and her fellow warriors. Or a hearty winter pizza with potatoes and a sheep’s milk cheese, something that Merida from Brave might like to eat. And it definitely would be shaped like Mickey!

3. All bakers have disasters in the kitchen that go along with a funny story — what’s one of yours?

Oh wow, it’s hard to just pick one! Product development is always a LOT of trial and error; we probably went through 500 iterations of our cornbread mix before we got it perfect. But the first time we tested it, it tasted like cardboard.

4. How did the idea for launching your allergy-friendly company come about?

Sue and Dan Sutherland, the owners of the company, have a granddaughter that was diagnosed with an egg allergy and gluten sensitivity when she was very young. They were troubled by the fact that she couldn’t eat birthday cake or pizza like the other kids, and surprised by the limited number of great tasting, safe, gluten free products that were available to her. Their family has a long history of milling high-quality flours out of Bardstown, KY, so they decided to open a brand new, 100% dedicated facility down the road and make their own gluten free baking mixes. And here we are!

5. We know there must be something new in the works at Bloomfield Farms… what’s in development? Any secrets to give away?

Well, we won’t give away any secrets, but we’re always looking to improve and expand our product line. We’re definitely growing fast, and can’t wait to see what 2015 has in store for us!

Visit Bloomfield Farms®

Pinterest: @bloomfieldfarms
Twitter: @bfieldfarms

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