Sweet and savory treats featuring Bloomfield Farms!

We’ll be announcing 2015 event information soon and we’re excited to tell you… there’s definitely going to be a little bit of food involved! Lots of “treats”, too. But we’ll stop with the clues… and give you some recipes that feature one of our vendors from last year, Bloomfield Farms!

Whether you like sweet (biscotti!) or savory (onion rings!)… we’ve got you covered.

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Chocolatey cookies featuring PASCHA chocolate chips!

Yesterday we featured some amazing chocolate-loaded muffins using PASCHA chocolate chips, and today we have a double Disney-sized dose of cookies for you!

We love PASCHA for their allergen-free status, but also because they are just oh-so-good. They were definitely a hotspot at the Food Allergy & Celiac Convention, and we love everything about the amazing Canadian company. You can read more about them here in our Meet Our Vendors series.

But, onto important things. Like cookies.

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Chocolate Chip Avocado Allergen Free Muffins

Over here at FACCWDW, we’re getting excited to unveil the news for this year, and we definitely need some goodies to fuel our event planning needs. Thank goodness for PASCHA, one of our vendors from last year’s event, providing us with delicious recipes to give us our chocolate fix.

First up? Muffins, loaded with chocolate… and a super secret ingredient. Thanks to PASCHA for providing us with this amazing recipe!

Next, stay tuned for a double dose of cookies featuring PASCHA!

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