Top 10 Disney Restaurants Without a Park Pass

Blogger Street Team member Alexis Salerno knows a lot about Disney dining. Her website Gluten Free in Orlando chronicles her culinary journey in Disney World, Orlando, and beyond. In this blog post, she highlights the Top 10 Disney Restaurants Without a Park Pass.

If you are attending the Food Allergy & Celiac Convention in November at Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort, and will not be buying a pass to visit the Disney parks, you will still be able to enjoy some of my favorite Disney restaurants. Nobody handles special diets better than Disney, and there are plenty of amazing restaurants to choose from at Downtown Disney and the Disney Resorts.


I am going to start this list with my favorite budget-friendly Quick Service restaurants, then move on to Table Service options, including my favorite dinner show on Disney property. Continue reading

Planning a Disney Trip with a Special Diet: Happy 4th of July!

Note: Until today (Friday, July 4th) at midnight EST, our holiday FLASH SALE is still going on! Check out the details here.

Chances are, you aren’t in Walt Disney World right now reading our Friday Trip Planning series on how to figure out the details of your trip (but if you are, tell Mickey we said “hi!”), but we’re taking advantage of the holiday to dish you some details and catch you up so far!

disney 4th of july

Disney does magic like no other, and whenever there are holidays to celebrate, there’s always more to see at Walt Disney World. This fourth of July, for example, boasts special fireworks at different theme parks. The Magic Kingdom has Disney’s Celebrate America — a Fourth of July Concert in the Sky on the 3rd and 4th; Disney’s Hollywood Studios has the Rockin’ 4th of July Celebration, followed by later night fireworks with a rock n’ roll soundtrack; and EPCOT hosts events in The American Adventure, such as the Spirit of America Fife and Drum Corp, Voices of Liberty 4th of July Concert, and The Heartbeat of Freedom, a patriotic fireworks finale as a part of IllumiNations: Reflections of Earth.

Speaking of holidays, we’ll be sure to highlight other excitement that’s abound around the parks on or around the time of the Food Allergy and Celiac Convention, as well as details for Thanksgiving (not yet announced), which is the week following the event.

In the meantime, is it too early to be thinking about this?

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And in the meantime, you can catch up on our Friday Trip Planning Series with the top tips for making the most magic in your Disney vacation:

Is there a topic we haven’t covered that you can’t wait another week to hear about? Let us know and we’ll tackle it next!

Friday Trip Planning: Traveling with Food Allergies (and a Contest!)

mickey-mouseWhether you’re planning a day trip, weekend getaway, for a fortnight away, traveling with food allergies or celiac disease can result in a lot of preparation… something we’re familiar with down at the Food Allergy and Celiac Convention headquarters!

Our Friday Trip Planning Series is dedicated to providing you with the details of making your Disney trip more magical, with a few tips and tricks for planning any trip, in general.

But between now and our November event, we’re pretty sure you’ll have a few more fun trips on the agenda, especially now that school’s out and summer vacationing is on the rise.

And so, we’ve compiled some tricks and tips we’ve picked up along the way – and be sure to add your own in the comments!

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Planning a Disney Trip with a Special Diet: Destinations in Florida

It comes by fast, but we’re already at another Friday and busily planning our event. Are you keeping up with all of the latest news? You can follow our blog here, join us on Facebook, and check us out on Twitter.

But, back to important Trip Planning information. It is Friday, after all!Destinations in Florida logo

This week, we’re bringing in the biggest trip planner of all, Siera Duiser. As a part of the team at Destinations in Florida, they’re working hard to help you book your vacation, aid in allergy-related requests, and getting you a great deal in a special block of rooms set out for the event.

Destinations in Florida is a Florida-based company specializing in planning vacations to Florida (including Disney), and have extensive experience working with private events and food allergies.

We thought you might have some questions (and you’re welcome to email us with more!) so here’s a few of the most frequently asked ones to get you started. Continue reading

Planning a Disney Trip with a Special Diet: FastPass+ 101

In today’s Friday Trip Planning post, we’re dishing the details about the new FastPass+.Disney Fast Pass+

If you’re a seasoned Disney World vacationer, you might already be familiar with the older FastPass. But if you’re new or haven’t visited in the last year, there are things that you must know if you’re heading to the parks!

When you come down for the Food Allergy and Celiac Convention weekend, if you’re making time to visit any of the theme parks, we venture you might want to be moving pretty quickly if you’re balancing a shorter vacation with all of fun Extra Magic we’re offering at Coronado Springs.

Enter FastPass+, a new version of the old FastPass, which now allows for advance planning and spending less time worrying about Seeing Absolutely Everything.

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Planning a Disney Trip with a Special Diet: Park Tickets

If you’re attending the Food Allergy & Celiac Convention, it’s not necessary to buy tickets to the theme parks. Because the event is held at Coronado Springs Resort, you can freely come and go without worrying about extra admission prices or costs.


But for those making a vacation of it, you might want to secure some park tickets to enjoy what Walt Disney World has to offer during your stay. If it’s your first time heading in, you might be confused on all of the options available, so (of course!) we’re here to break it down for you.

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Planning a Disney Trip with a Special Diet: Five Top Secret Disney Special Diet Secrets

That’s right. Secrets!

Disney is a mecca for making things just a little more fun—after all, if you’ve never hunted down those hidden Mickeys then you’re surely missing out.


But there are a few Special Diet-related secrets hidden around the parks, too. We’re not talking the allergy-friendly options that we already know and love. Instead, there are some popular companies and Disney-branded items that are safe for us, too.

And because we love Disney oh-so-much, we want to share the wealth with how to snag them when you’re visiting Walt Disney World*.

So for all your Friday Trip Planning needs… here’s what to make sure you nosh on while you’re enjoying your weekend at WDW:

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Planning a Disney Trip with a Special Diet: The Disney Dining Plan (plus Free Dining!)

If you’re familiar with Disney World and their dining plan, you might already be privy to all of the details. The Disney Dining Plan is available for folks who are staying at a resort and either purchase a Magic Your Way Package, or choose to use their Disney Vacation Club points… more on both of those in a later post.

The plans offer allotted meals for each night of your stay, depending on the package you choose. There are three types: The Magic Your Way Package Plus Quick Service Dining, the Magic Your Way Package Plus Dining, and the Magic Your Way Package Plus Deluxe Dining.



In addition, at certain times each year, Disney offers deals for guests to enjoy Free Dining with their stay. They’ve recently announced the fall dates which, depending on how you plan your vacation for a trip down to the event, will overlap!

But first, more on the plans themselves:

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